Thursday, 20. February 2020 12:00 — 13:30

Starting a Business in Bio-Nanotechnology: Customer Acquisition and Other Pitfalls

How do you find your first customers? And what if those you thought would be your ideal customers do not seem to be interested in your product? These and other questions will be addressed by Katja Werner, founder and CEO of the bio-nanotechnology startup PiNa-Tec during the next PIER Innovation Lunch Talk.

Friday, 21. February 2020 — Saturday, 22. February 2020 (All day)

Media, Mobility & 5G: Living in a smart city #MEDIALIFTHACK

nextMedia.Hamburg presents the #MEDIALIFTHACK - a hackathon from the MEDIA LIFT incubator in cooperation with the next media accelerator and the Google News Initiative.

Monday, 24. February 2020 10:00 — 19:00

XCreation: Content&Tech

A good idea alone is no guarantee of success. In addition to many different factors, the team constellation is one of the essential building blocks of a promising foundation. With XCreation, a new approach is dared to support people interested in founding an interdisciplinary team: Within one day, the formation of teams is moderated, which develop innovative start-up ideas at the interface of content and technology based on their diversity.

Thursday, 27. February 2020 08:00 — 10:00

Female founders breakfast ("Gründerinnen-Frühstück")

The Career Center of the University of Hamburg and beyourpilot invite you to a breakfast with female founders:

Are you interested in starting a business? Are you about to start or have you already started? Then come and exchange ideas with other women on the subject of "founding a business".


Wednesday, 11. March 2020 09:00 — 16:30

Harnessing Universities for Innovation

Are you keen to capitalise on the new ideas, technology and talent coming out of universities? But do you find academics difficult to engage with? How do you reconcile the university’s public interest mandate with your company’s commercial needs? And how can you formalise your relationship in a contract that works for both parties?

This workshop focuses on the core skill of achieving effective transfer of knowledge and expertise between people operating in contrasting organisational cultures and formulating ways of doing it. It also examines the processes and management issues encountered in working with universities with the aim of enabling strong and lasting partnerships that allow innovation to flourish.

Wednesday, 18. March 2020 09:00 — 16:30

How to develop a strategic plan for funding your research

The success or failure of the academic research careers of young scientists often depends heavily on the continuity of funding. Institutional basic funding is becoming rarer, and at the same time the competition for third-party funding is becoming increasingly fierce. Under these conditions, how can the funding of research careers be structured systematically in order to reduce the risk of funding gaps?

Saturday, 21. March 2020 09:00 — 19:00

Hamburg Founder's Day

You want to start a business, have a thousand questions in your head and are looking for companions and inspiration? At the Hamburg Founders' Day you get everything in one day, under one roof.


Tuesday, 21. April 2020 17:30 — 19:00

Workshop: A look at foundation

Together with Nadine Weitendorf from the University of Hamburg's start-up service, beyourpilot's start-up advisor Dr. Bettina Otto takes a look at scientific start-ups and of course at what start-up entrepreneurs can expect in their everyday work. The guests will also include founders who will talk about their own experiences on the way to self-employment and report on how their doctorate supports them on the road to success.


Tuesday, 05. May 2020 09:30 — 23:00

Hamburg Innovation Summit 2020 (#HHIS)

The HHIS wants to serve as a bridge builder between science, economy, politics and society. As a scene meeting place for innovation actors, the HHIS focuses on strengthening Hamburg as a location for innovation by networking visionaries, founders and future shapers. In this interaction, the HHIS also offers a platform for knowledge-based, innovative founders.


Tuesday, 16. June 2020 11:00 — Thursday, 18. June 2020 17:00

stellenwerk job fair

For the 13th time already, stellenwerk is organising Hamburg's largest university job fair, the stellenwerk job fair, from 16 to 18 June 2020, daily from 11.00 to 17.00 hrs. In three exhibition tents 130 exhibitors from different industries will present themselves directly on the campus of the University of Hamburg.