How to develop a strategic plan for funding your research

Wednesday, 18. March 2020 09:00 — 16:30

The success or failure of the academic research careers of young scientists often depends heavily on the continuity of funding. Institutional basic funding is becoming rarer, and at the same time the competition for third-party funding is becoming increasingly fierce. Under these conditions, how can the funding of research careers be structured systematically in order to reduce the risk of funding gaps?

This workshop examines the strategic concept for funding opportunities in the research context and helps to identify, select and use these more effectively, because a clear idea of one's own research direction makes it easier to align even small projects with the larger goal. This increases the power of persuasion for each of these proposals. It also prevents the adaptation to funding programmes from determining the research focus and thus from fragmentation of the track record.

Participants will draw up a strategic plan to finance their future research based on their individual research priorities. They will learn to apply key strategic elements to develop their research agenda, identify a portfolio of funding opportunities for the coming years, and systematically manage the life cycle of research funding to secure the resources necessary for long-term sustainable research.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 12.

The seminar will be held in English.


Dr. Thomas Koch holds a doctorate in physical chemistry and has been self-employed as a consultant and trainer in research management since 2016.

The focus of his activities is the support of university strategy processes in research, the optimization of research-related services and the consulting of young scientists in the realization of their research ideas and career goals.

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