XCreation: Content&Tech

Monday, 24. February 2020 10:00 — 19:00

A good idea alone is no guarantee of success. In addition to many different factors, the team constellation is one of the essential building blocks of a promising foundation. With XCreation, a new approach is dared to support people interested in founding an interdisciplinary team: Within one day, the formation of teams is moderated, which develop innovative start-up ideas at the interface of content and technology based on their diversity.

XCreation is an offer for students, graduates and those interested in founding a company in the fields of content and technology. Content is understood in its broadest sense as the entirety of content created in the creative industries, e.g. in the studio, in the editorial office, in the sound or games studio, in the advertising agency or on the theatre stage. In addition to creative people, the focus is on experts from IT and business administration as well as professionals from various sectors (e.g. logistics, mobility, energy industry) who are interested in setting up their own business.

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The procedure

At the beginning of XCreation, there is a methodically sound introductory phase. Who is on board besides me? Which industries, work areas and types are represented? What skills do the other participants bring with them? Who already has exciting questions and challenges in mind that could be the starting point for an innovative idea? Which constellations contain synergies and innovation potential?

After the team building, the afternoon is devoted to a moderated ideation process. With the focus on ideas at the interface of content and technology, we give participants a wide playing field, which at the same time provides a necessary framework in which new ideas can be developed and put into concrete terms.

In the evening, the event is concluded with drinks and discussions.

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Immediately following the daily format, participants can apply for the nextMedia Incubator until 8th March. Within the framework of the programme, start-up teams at the interface of content and technology will be accompanied over a period of five months (April to August 2020) with individual support and mentoring offers, needs-based workshops and professional coaching. The teams also receive access to rooms and financial support so that you can concentrate fully on your project.

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designxport, Hongkongstraße 8, 20457 Hamburg
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Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft