Monday, 28. September 2020 09:00 — 17:00

Business Model Sprint Workshop

The Business Model Sprint is a method based on lean management and agile development strategies. It is specially tailored to innovative products and innovation processes. Within a very short time (Sprint) you test your idea and develop a business model. There will be four one-day workshops, between the workshops you will be coached and supported to work on your business concept. Within a very short time you can test your idea and develop a business model.


Monday, 05. October 2020 10:00 — Wednesday, 07. October 2020 16:30

Autumn School 2020: Develop solutions and innovations with Design Thinking

You have identified a small or even bigger problem in your everyday life, your environment or even worldwide and would like to work together with others on a sustainable solution to this challenge? Then this year's Autumn School will provide you with the tools you need to develop an idea using the Design Thinking method and transform it into a viable business model.


Thursday, 12. November 2020 09:00 — 16:50


This online event is intended as a professional aid for a better understanding of the basics in connection with the modern application of so-called "Boilerplate Clauses"/AGBs in international contracts. The seminar is based on numerous case studies from the business world, which provide a maximum of hands-on experience in language use. It begins with an analysis of the basic steps in the drafting of contracts and discusses the different types of boilerplates used. Participants will receive examples of "sample boilerplates" during the seminar. The seminar will be held in English for the most part, German explanations will be given if required.

Thursday, 19. November 2020 09:00 — 15:30

Online workshop: Harnessing universities for innovation

Universities are constantly coming up with new ideas, technologies and talents. With a cooperation you can tap this potential for your company. You still see obstacles on the way to cooperation and you wonder how the business needs of your company match the public interest of the university? We will help you to clear the way and also show you how the cooperation can be arranged in a contract in such a way that both parties are satisfied and strong, lasting partnerships are built.