Wednesday, 27. January 2021 14:00 — 17:00

Teambuilding for Startups

In this workshop you will learn to agree on roles in the team and your common vision. To achieve a common understanding of resources, impact and goals as early as possible.


Tuesday, 02. February 2021 15:00 — 17:00

Online workshop series foundation toolbox: business development

The online workshop series Start-up Toolbox is aimed at people from the Hamburg university environment who are interested in setting up their own business, with or without their own business idea. In the four sessions, methods and tools are taught and jointly applied to provide you with helpful tools for your entrepreneurial path. Although the units build on each other in terms of content, participation in individual units is also possible.

Wednesday, 17. February 2021 14:00 — 17:00

Founding from science: Can my research be turned into a start-up idea?

You are researching a new method, an innovative process or alternative materials and would like to learn more about whether and how your results could be used in practice and even be suitable for starting your own business? Then this workshop will give you the opportunity to work out what the value of your work could be and how it would be suitable for a broader knowledge and technology transfer. Perhaps your research holds the potential to solve current or future societal challenges.


Friday, 19. March 2021 10:00 — 14:00

Open Friday: Women founding sustainably - does sustainability and founding go together?

Foundations and start-ups are still measured a lot by how fast they can grow and gain market share. At the same time, the topic of sustainability is also increasingly high on many start-ups' list of goals. Often, therefore, the question is how to combine the two? So how do you manage to start up sustainably and at the same time be competitive in order to be able to grow quickly? Or do you have to do this at all?


Thursday, 01. April 2021 08:00 — 10:00

Foundress Breakfast Digital

The Career Center of the University of Hamburg is pleased to invite - with the support of beyourpilot - to a breakfast with female founders.

Are you interested in founding a company? Are you about to start up or have already done so? Then come by to exchange ideas with other women on the topic of "founding".