Be your pilot - How ideas learn to fly

Innovations and start-ups are the result and at the same time the guarantors of success of a strong economy, strong research and cooperation between them. In order to be internationally competitive, Hamburg must be and remain innovative and creative. In addition to the numerous offers that the Hamburg funding system provides for all founders, knowledge-intensive start-ups have special needs that are decisive for the path from an initial idea to a successful company. This is exactly where the new "beyourpilot - Startup Port Hamburg" offer comes in, which is financed by the Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation.

In a cooperation between Hamburg Innovation and the Hamburg science organisations, a platform for these important knowledge-based start-ups was developed. Michael Westhagemann (Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation): "Only if we succeed in making the city an attractive innovation area, in addition to the consistent further development of traditional strengths, can Hamburg's economic power and prosperity be secured in the long term. Our innovation and start-up-oriented economic and science policy, which is made up of various components of start-up funding and innovation parks, is the right way forward. With 'beyourpilot - Startup Port Hamburg' we want to further strengthen the framework conditions for innovations and start-ups".

Company founders often face international competition. Hamburg is in turn in competition with other attractive cities in Germany and Europe. That is why Hamburg wants to offer them the most effective funding conditions. Business start-ups are the engine of dynamic economic development. They ensure that existing companies remain innovative and that new ideas as products and services strengthen economic strength and employment. This applies in particular to start-up ideas with a high proportion of knowledge and research that are created in the vicinity of universities and research institutions.

Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science, Research and Equality: "Our strength in Hamburg lies in the fact that we think science and business together. Together we can develop solutions and applications for the megatopics of digitisation and globalisation and position Hamburg at the top. Port, trade and universities - that's our formula for success - which, in terms of 'be your pilot', shows once again that it works".

Senator Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation: "The new platform offers an interactive working environment and will establish itself as a very important support system for start-ups in the environment of Hamburg's universities and research institutions. The platform's outstanding combination of online and offline offerings will enable us to create a unique selling point for Hamburg nationwide and strengthen our start-up teams in the long term."

With the "beyourpilot - Startup Port Hamburg" project, a digital platform was developed that will increase the number and quality of knowledge-intensive start-ups in Hamburg and the region. The platform offers an interactive working environment and provides the possibility to embed the specific offers of the participating universities and research institutions into the structure of the offer without abandoning its uniform appearance and the logic of its functioning. Thus, several functionalities are available in the virtual offer, in which answers and partners can be interactively searched for to answer these questions and to solve concrete problems. The "beyourpilot" platform is operated by Hamburg Innovation GmbH (HI) and initially supported by Hamburg Universities of Applied Sciences (UHH), Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg), Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and the German Electron Synchrotron Research Institute (DESY). In addition, the platform is open to cooperation with universities and research institutions in the other northern German states.